Custom Logo + Branding :: Clean Eats Girl

Jeanna learned in 2013 that she was allergic to wheat, most nuts, and was lactose intolerant. No fun! 
Since then, she's had to drastically alter her lifestyle and now plans to share her clean eating tips, recipes and healthy journey! 
I was thrilled when Jeanna wanted to take advantage of one of my pre-made logo design options

Here's a peek at the original branding set...

... and then, after a few personalized changes, a fresh new color palette, and some extra illustration icons, 
here's the final BRAND BOARD for clean eats girl! 
I hope you'll follow along with her journey: 
website (still under a bit of construction) | instagram | pinterest | twitter
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Etsy Spotlight Interview #18 with WILLIAM AND SALLY

Many thanks to Sarah, the generous Etsy shop owner of william & sally, for participating in an exclusive little interview for us! 
How did you come up with your business/shop name...
 William & Sally comes from my husband’s name, William, and my first daughter’s name, Sally. Now I have another baby girl, so I hope she doesn’t feel left out! I will have to name some of our products after her. 

Can you share a little background about your logo...
 I designed it. I wanted something simple and modern, and something that would go perfectly with our brand. All of our labels, tags, stickers, and packaging are made on brown recycled Kraft paper, with the same black font. I originally wanted a little black hippo underneath the “William & Sally” logo, but it was not something that panned out at the time.

Please tell us about your shop and the items you sell...
 We are a 100% non-profit shop that started out selling children’s clothes and accessories. Our style is simple, comfortable, and classic with a modern twist. Comfort, quality, attention to detail, and great color combinations are our focus. This is how our shop started: For years my sister-in-law wanted children. When she found out she would receive the ultimate blessing of a child via adoption, she was incredibly excited but also overwhelmed by the financial setback of adoption. My sister-in-law was always serving others and found herself in need; hence, the birth of William & Sally. 100% of the profit from William & Sally products are donated to help orphans find stable, loving homes. You can read more on our “About” page. Now that I stay at home with 2 babies under 1 ½ years, I have temporarily changed the shop to a “PDF Pattern Only” shop until the children grow older and I have more time to keep up with our handmade orders. All of the products we sold as a ready-made product are now available in pdf form. They are instantly downloadable, complete with Step by step instructions and pictures. I do allow people to sell their finished headbands on a small scale (no more than 10 listings at a time), but ask for credit to William & Sally when doing so. I ask that a tag to be attached that says "A Pattern by William & Sally" with reference to my shop page: www.etsy.com/shop/williamandsally. However, I do ask that under no circumstances the pattern be shared or sold (with respect to our intellectual property, as they are original William & Sally designs).

Do you have a "top seller" or personal favorite item?
► Our hand-dyed, hand-painted boys’ tee shirts were also a huge success,  but now that we are a pattern shop, we do not sell those anymore. One of my favorite items is our “Three Roses Headband”The flowers look like a little crown on a little girl’s head, and I personally love it on my own little girl. I think it is such a cute item for little flower girls in weddings! I also love our girls’ tee shirt headbandswhich are very popular (I think because they are so comfortable for children and babies)! Another one of my favorites will always be our fabric bow headband/clip —it is very bubbly and something that will never go out of style.

Where can we find your work?
► ETSY:  www.etsy.com/shop/williamandsally
► FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/pages/William-and-Sally/494141010640357
► SHOPS/BOUTIQUES:  Our items are currently being sold at Crafted Westside, in Midtown Atlanta www.craftedwestside.com 

Where are you based?
 We are based in Atlanta, GA. However, I have volunteers all over the country—Anna, Jenn, Karen, Sarah D., Sarah W., Staci, and Rose. There is no way William & Sally could have continued to exist if it had not been for the amazing group of ladies who selflessly dedicated their time, efforts, and hearts to our cause. They have spent countless volunteer hours making items for William & Sally because they are dedicated to helping orphans and the adoption cause. You can read more about them on our “About” page (www.etsy.com/shop/williamandsally/about ). None of us get a penny for our work, but we all love what we do!

Where do you get your inspiration? 
  For my girls’ items, I wanted to design items that were modern and classic at the same time. I draw inspiration by looking at some of my old dresses that my mom gave me when I was a little girl, and think about what would go well with them. When I put one of my own vintage dresses on my own baby girls, and the accessories I have designed go well with it, they are successful in my eyes. For the boys (since I don’t have any), I am inspired by what fabrics and designs will look adorable and very boyish on my best friend’s little boy, Charlie. He has this amazing, old fashioned look with wild blond, curly hair, huge blue eyes, and a smile that will light up any room. I aim to design comfortable clothing and accessories that will never go out of style—I think that is achieved by shying away from trends, sticking with classics, and putting a modern spin on them. I think there is a reason why Chevron stripes are a huge craze right now (they are very cute), but I wanted to keep things like Chevron out of the shop because I know we will see things with Chevron in a few years and immediately think of 2012-2014—something that will be out of style in a few years.

What are your favorites books and/or blogs?
  Oh boy, what genre of books? Something I am currently eyeing for my little girls is “Craft-A-Day” a book that is filled with 365 days of crafts made out of products you have lying around the house. I love Larissa Holland’s blog mmmcrafts (mmmcrafts.blogspot.com ) —she is funny, witty, and amazingly creative and talented. Some other amazing blogs are Prudent Baby (prudentbaby.com ), and Girl Inspired (thegirlinspired.com ). I also love the blogs www.hellobee.comwww.learnplayimagine.com, and www.creativewithkids.com, which have all helped me come up with fun activities to do with my babies.

You cannot live without...
 Some time outdoors each day and…Coffee! Whether pregnant, nursing, or “normal,” I usually drink 2-3 cups a day (yikes!). Also, for an old-fashioned type gal, I am a little too dependent on my iPhone. Maybe it’s because I am so bad at directions. 

You're not a fan of...
 Sitting still (unless it’s a rainy day).

We wouldn't guess that...
 I always thought I would be a medical doctor (MD). Instead I am currently a stay-at-home-mom making homemade finger paint with my daughter and loving it!

One day, you hope to...
 Open a brick-and-mortar shop with all of our original William & Sally designs, in addition to other great brands. I have tons of designs for baby’s, children’s, and women’s clothes just waiting to be unleashed. Everything is designed with comfort, ease, and modesty in mind—I will use sweatshirt and tee shirt materials with dainty, classic details like peplum, ruffles, comfortable lace, flowers, and bows for the females, and lots of boyish designs like helicopters, trucks, airplanes, and dinosaurs for the males. Once my husband and I are finally settled down in one place and we have all of the travel wanderlust out of our systems, I think we will make it happen.

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners? 
 Go with your instincts—I thought making a 100% nonprofit shop was a huge risk, but people love our cause, and I think our mission has made us much more successful than it would have been if we had made it a for-profit shop. I thought my designs might not be trendy enough, either—but it I think people will always be looking for comfortable, cool, quality classics with a creative spin.
Other Etsy shops you love...
 For home products, I love www.etsy.com/shop/gypsya and www.etsy.com/shop/LovelyHomeIdea. For crafty items, I love www.etsy.com/shop/CreatedBlissfully.

Please join us in thanking this amazing Etsy shop owner for taking the time to participate in our spotlight interview
Visit the william and sally, shop now!


Custom Logo + Branding :: BayVue Estate

Originally built in 1895, this beautifully renovated house in Matthews County, Virginia opened its doors in April 2014 as a charming new wedding and event venue! Offering an intimate setting with breathtaking views, this estate features 3 bedrooms, a formal dining room, impressive spiral staircase, and a nautical sunroom overlooking the Mobjack Bay. 

I was overjoyed when approached by BayVue Estate to help with the creation of their new logo and was impressed with the owners' clean and unique visions for their branding. Our main goal was a logo that beautifully portrayed an "elegant" and "relaxed" style. 

I hope you'll connect with BayVue and show your support to this great new venue!

Lastly, here's a look at their complete Brand Board.  

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ASHLEY + HUDSON :: Yorktown Elopement Session :: Virginia Photographer & Destination Photographer

This adorable match.com couple will melt your heart. 
They eloped in Florida, celebrated later with family in Virginia, and allowed me the joy of capturing these newlywed photos for them! 
When they met online, Hudson was stationed at the the naval base in Norfolk, and Ashley had relocated to her hometown. They enjoyed their first official date in Virginia Beach, and immediately knew they had something incredible (as did everyone else who saw them interact!). Ashley and Hudson are the perfect balance for each other. In addition to their shared love for the beach, they both have lifestyles focused on fitness (he leans towards power lifting and MMA, where she gravitates towards yoga and endurance weight lifting).
Ashley calls Hudson her knight in shining armor. 
"The reason why I went on Match.com was to weed out the bad seeds because I have a rare form of blindness that ultimately will completely take over my vision. I told him about this prior to meeting him because I'd been rejected by many guys who could not handle it. He was accepting from that moment on. He is truly the first person that I've been with that I feel completely understands me with my visual insecurities and limitations. For example, he'll read the sub titles in movies without me even asking or he'll say "eyes" before turning on a bright light because he knows I have light sensitivity issues."

On bended knee in their apartment in Norfolk, Hudson proposed, and she of course said YES! 
He had thoughtfully designed the ring with inspiration from the Irish claddaugh ring and used the center stone from her Grandmother's engagement ring!
After finishing his service in the Navy, they moved to Florida and purchased a house together which they share with their adorable boxer mix Toby! Hudson now works for the Gainesville Police Department and Ashley works for UF Health. They eloped in June 2014 and wanted the special moment of commitment to be just for themselves on the beach in Florida where they plan to continue growing their lives together. They later flew back to Virginia to celebrate with family and friends. 
Seriously, aren't they the cutest?!
They had the flirty giggles for at least 80% of the session, and it was adorable!
 She asked that I capture one of their "typical moments" where she taps the end of his nose! Gotta love it!
The light was nearly gone, but was just had to get some photos in this flower oasis. 


COURTNEY + ROB :: Norfolk Engagement :: Virginia Photographer & Destination Photographer

A glimpse into this coast to coast relationship, discovering they were each a good kind of different, a 9 month deployment, and now the lovely chaos of planning a wedding in 4 months! 

I was so excited when Courtney and Rob reached out asking me to take their engagement and wedding photos! Last year, they'd seen me at work photographing this Richmond wedding and felt I was a perfect fit for their big day. I couldn't wait to meet them! 

Below you'll find a quick glance at this super sweet couple's backstory and some of my favorite shots their oh-so-beautiful engagement session in Norfolk, Virginia.  Plus, I'm mixing in some quirky and beautiful quotes I received from Courtney! I just loved hearing her share details of their journey so far together. Their love and colorful personalities truly shine through in both their story and photos!


MICHELLE + STEVEN :: San Diego Engagement Session at Torrey Pines and Balboa Park

Sorry to all previous posts... but this one is my favorite! 
Not only do I get to announce the awesome news that MY SISTER IS ENGAGED! 
... but I had the absolute honor of capturing her San Diego engagement photos too! 

Michelle and Steven met online in 2011, and are beyond perfect for each other. They're both incredibly active (I get exhausted just hearing about their 50 million mile hikes and bike rides! Ok, million might be an exaggeration, but probably not far off), so it was naturally fitting that their first date took place at beautiful Torrey Pines. They hiked and watched the sunset from a lifeguard tower (hence some of the photos you'll see in their session). 

I remember meeting Steven for the first time and instantly felt like we'd been friends for years. He was in the Marines at the time, and I adored the respect and love I could see that he obviously had for my big sis! I'm beyond thrilled to welcome him into the family and couldn't imagine a better match for her! 

I also have to thank him for timing the proposal perfectly too ;) At the beginning of June, Michelle and Steven were on a romantic getaway in Belize. On their second night - June 4th - they dined at a restaurant on the water, and knowing how much my sister absolutely loves piers... Steven planned a little stroll.... and once they reached the end of pier he popped the question!!! YAY!  The timing was awesome since this was the same week I was arriving in California for a visit.... so as soon as they returned home, I was able celebrate the awesome news with them! 

Below are some of my favorite photos from their engagement session!!! We wandered beautiful Balboa Park (where they took their first photos together in 2011) and then headed to Torrey Pines for sunset photos on the beach. 

Aren't they just adorable?!


JANA + BRYAN :: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session :: Northern Virginia Photographer

Immediately after this photo session, I left thinking... how on earth am I ever going to narrow down favorites to post and share!?  
These two just radiate love. Seriously. I always help guide couples with posing, but most importantly encourage them to just flirt, snuggle (yes, I use that word), and embrace their soon-to-be-spouse. I love when I feel like they're enjoying their time together so much that they've forgotten I'm even there snapping away! 
Jana (pronounced Ya-Na) is from Slovakia and has THE cutest accent. I have no doubt it helped capture Bryan's attention all those years ago when they first met. They are such a fun and down-to-earth couple. For their engagement session, they said they wanted anywhere with outdoor beauty! So, I selected the gorgeous Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA as the perfect backdrop. 

And, the countdown is on! There wedding is less than a month away, and I feel so truly honored to be their photographer! With their family widespread, it will be a lovely intimate celebration! Until then, enjoy some of my engagement favorites....

So sweet! 


Bachelorette Party Photos :: Charlottesville Photographer

What do you get when you put 14 gorgeous ladies in a secret cabin near Charlottesville for a bachelorette party weekend? 
Uniquely entertaining photos for starters!  
Before leaving on their wahooptie vineyard hopping adventure, I helped capture some quick photos of these gals and their clever party details! 
I especially LOVE this chalkboard idea! These were purchased from AC Moore, and then each girl wrote how she met the bride or how long she's known her. 
Seriously! How cute!!
And, because every Bride deserves a classy sippy cup.... This fantastic tumbler was purchased from the Etsy shop: It's Gee Gee Baby
 Aren't these glasses lovely?! They were purchased from Target and then hand-painted! 
 I love that the Brittany, the Bride-To-Be, wore my favorite color - what a great pop of teal! 
Sooo beautiful! 
 As a mini gift to the Bride, the girls all added a lipstick signature to a photo frame! 
And, check out this stunning ring!
As you can see.... their reactions were priceless!
We had a blast with the "sexy model posing" ... fierce!
 These hangover helper kits were genius! 
These last two crack me up and sum up our photo time together perfectly!

Feel free to check out the full gallery here.

Like what you see? If you or someone you know is interested in more information about Limefish Studio Photography, please hop over and browse my photo site. Feel free to use the contact form to submit an inquiry ;) 

HUGS :: Danielle
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