MICHELLE + STEVEN :: Antigua Wedding . Destination Photographer

I'm thrilled to say I'm now an International Wedding Photographer thanks to Michelle & Steven! 
This sweet couple was joined by family and friends for an intimate celebration at Jolly Beach Resort on the island of Antigua. And, I have to admit this wedding is extra special to me because the lovely bride is my sister! As you may recall, I happily captured their San Diego engagement photos back in July 2014 and am now excited to share their January 2015 wedding photos! I was beyond honored when asked me to capture the big day, and despite my 30-weeks pregnant big-self, everything went beautifully.  I couldn't be happier for these two and definitely think their excitement and love for one another radiate through the photos. 

Here you'll find some of my favorites, but you can also hop over to their album on Facebook here. 
CONGRATULATIONS Michelle & Steven! 
Michelle's gorgeous dress was a Galina Signature from David's Bridal. 
Michelle, in her robe from Pretty Plum Sugar, stepped outside to read the pre-wedding note Steven had sent over. 
 Their gorgeous rings are from the wonderful Leo Hamel Jewelers in San Diego. 
This jewelry photo below is such an incredibly special one. 
The necklace pendant is actually an urn containing ashes (from Everlasting Memories), and the bracelet pendant discs are engraved with "nana' and "pa" (from Betsy Farmer Designs). 
 The beautiful Bride! 
Steven's turn to read a little pre-ceremony letter. 
 Michelle actually made him these cufflinks with sand she'd collected from one of their date spots - the beach at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve! You'll also notice in other photos she made herself earrings to match! How creative!! 
 The resort package included a bouquet, but after seeing it the morning of the wedding Michelle was sadly disappointed. Her friends were quick to the the rescue and remade the bouquet using wildflowers from the area! Now, it's not only beautiful, but even more meaningful! 
 Love this little candid moment! 
 These photos at the blue bar and pink wall are my FAVORITES! 
 LOVE the way they look at each other :) 
 The steel drum band was phenomenal! 
 A lovely stroll with Dad as Michelle walks toward her Groom. 
 Love this one! 
 A beautiful reading from Mom. 
 The beautiful wooden sculptures not only made excellent table decorations, but they were purchased locally in Antigua by the Bride and Groom as thank you gifts for all of their guests!
 Last, but not least, a few sunset favorites! 
CONGRATULATIONS Michelle and Steven!!! 
I couldn't be happier for you two and am so grateful and honored to be your photographer!

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