Recipe Roundup: Easter

This Recipe Roundup is for those in search of something a bit different
than the typical lamb, ham and cookie Easter ensemble. 
Why not begin your Easter morning with a vibrant burst of berries in your oatmeal, 
baked eggs with salami, or eggs hiding within a delicious buttery biscuit!?
Impress guests with tarragon deviled eggs, zesty orange appetizers, chipotle chicken lettuce wraps and roasted butternut squash. 
End the evening with key lime pie, candy bark, lemon souffle or comical bite-size bunny tails! 
Mmmmmm. Enjoy!

*Please note that all links were active at the time of creating this post. 
My apologies for any inconvenience if featured sources change or remove their content at a later date.

- S T A Y    C O N N E C T E D - 


  1. Thank you for including my Berry Baked Oatmeal in your round up. Happy Easter! :)

  2. A lovely round up! Thanks for including my eggs :)


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