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I'm super excited to share that another oh-so-wise Etsy shopper chose to invest in one of the pre-made logo designs in my etsy shop.

Here's a peek at the original pre-made design that was purchased (and hence is no longer available). 
I take great pride in offering one-of-a-kind logos, and therefore do not re-sell a pre-made or custom logo designs once they have their rightful owner. (please be aware that some designers choose to leave their listings open for endless sales : / ) Personally, I think it's critical that your business to be UNIQUE.

Peggy of Island Girl Floral Design loved the design, but chose to hand-select colors to brighten the color palette a bit.
Here's a look at the new final logo!
And... here's the full brand board which includes the color palette and icons (to be used for anything from social media profile pictures to stickers!) I love telling everyone how much I love everything I order from MOO and use my own branding stickers on everything!.

I cannot wait to follow along with this Oregon-based business and see the designs put to use :)

Want to learn more about Limefish Studio custom logo and branding designs? 
I even offer assistance with naming your business if you're at a loss where to begin!

Click here to view logo and branding packages available in my etsy shop. 
Click here to browse previous Limefish Studio logo and branding blog posts. 

I have a handful more logos underway and cannot wait until I can unveil them! 
- HUGS - 

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  1. Great suggestions you shared regarding custom logo design i know this post too useful for me.


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